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Energy and electrical power

We at Prevas want to change the conditions for how energy and electricity are produced and consumed. We want to ensure access to energy for all – without it being at the expense of our natural resources and the environment.

The Nordic countries are facing a gigantic engineering change. Solar and wind power are rapidly increasing. Electric vehicles are growing in numbers on a broad front and with them an extensive charging infrastructure. As a strategic expertise partner for the energy and electric power sector, Prevas is at stage center when the sustainable energy systems of the future are developed.

Together with our clients, we find new ways to reduce energy use in production and processes, switch to smart grids, produce environmentally friendly energy and support the transition from fossil fuels to electrification. We identify energy thieves, design power transmission for the rapidly increasing demand for electricity and drive development of more efficient electric vehicles.

We can help with expertise in large energy and electric power projects (turnkey contracts) both on the client and supplier side, everything from help with project management to all types of engineering and design roles both for offices and outdoor facilities.

Prevas has the combined knowledge and experience to deliver specific products and solutions, but also to put them in a larger context. We always look at a product's environmental impact from the idea stage to decommissioning and identify the points in the life cycle that have the greatest impact on the environment. When we employ this perspective with, for example, materials, transports and utilization, we create opportunities for our clients to create more sustainable products and services.

Some examples of what we work with are control optimization for wind turbines, development of solutions for wave power, solar power improvements, solving complex power transmission challenges, reducing energy consumption in industry and developing energy-efficient products.

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