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3D scanning

3D scanning is an incredibly powerful method for digitalizing physical objects and creating 3D models, measurement objects or, through further processing, creating production data.

Thanks to the flexibility of this method, we offer you on-site scanning and it’s of no concern whether you’re working with simple or complex shapes and geometries.

We work with 3D scanning on a broad front and combine different skills with scanning based on the nature of the assignment. We have solid experience from both checks and measurements, as well as from our own engineering and product development.

Most assignments begin with either full- or half-day scanning. We have prepared a standardized price list as a starting point for initial collaboration. After this, assignments can take different paths through our organization.

Starter offer

  • Half day SEK 7,600
  • Full day SEK 11,200

The measurement method of possibilities

Reversed engineering

When manufacturing data is missing, the component can be scanned to create a 3D model for manufacturing or documentation. Creating a model by measuring manually and preparing drawings with CAD is both a time-consuming and often uncertain method for complex geometries. With 3D scanning, you get an accurate model with less time spent.

Examples of application areas:

  • Create 3D models of production components
  • Create 3D models for manufacturing of spare parts that have no documented data.
  • Create 3D models of interfaces in machines that have no data.

Check measurements

3D scanning is well suited for measuring e.g., injection molded plastic parts and castings with complex shapes that are often difficult to measure with traditional measurement equipment. The object can be scanned and compared against a nominal 3D model. The strength is in attaining a 3D model with a surface color map that visualize deviations from the nominal model. Geometrical shapes and positional tolerances can also be evaluated in detail.

Examples of application areas:

  • Measurement when fine tuning process parameters (such as in injection molding).
  • Qualiy inspection of outturn samples.
  • Measurement and troubleshooting in resolving quality problems.

Our equipment

We use HandySCAN BLACK™ Elite with VXinspect and VXmodel. ISO 17025 certified. Resolution 0.1 mm and accuracy 0.025 mm. Suitable measurement object size 50 mm – 4 m.

HandySCAN BLACK™ Elite uses blue laser technology and powerful algorithms for exact 3D measurements of physical objects at nearly all positions, even in difficult environments with complex surfaces.

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