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Cyber Security

Prevas places an even greater emphasis on cyber security and the need for cyber resilience in devices to reduce the likelihood of cyber-attacks. Most businesses recognize the importance of increased system, data, and device security.

Prevas has delivered electronic solutions with a security focus for many years, and as an advisor and development partner, we are accustomed to assisting customers with device development based on recognized cyber standards.

We are seeing increased demand from customers who see Cyber Security as an important factor in the development and sale of new devices. With a wealth of experience in developing projects in the defense, medical device, and energy sectors, we are accustomed to having a strong focus on Cyber Security. This knowledge is also being applied to meet the growing interest in industries such as consumer electronics and IoT.

At Prevas, cybersecurity is a comprehensive approach that includes device security, the device environment, and the development and production environments where the device will be manufactured and updated. This brings together several standards (for example, UL2900, ETSI 303 645, and ISO 62443) with the intention that the devices developed by Prevas will work safely now and in the future.

Prevas is also focused on upcoming EU regulations such as the Cyber Resilience Act, NIS2, and Radio Directive changes, among others, all of which aim to improve device and OT cybersecurity at the European level. Although the exact requirements are not yet in place, we expect requirements for patch management at the appliance level, where companies in the future must be able to proactively deliver software updates to patch security gaps as they are published.

To address this, Prevas provides a service (PCSI) in which public security databases are continuously and automatically read, and updates are built and tested based on this information when vulnerabilities are discovered. In this manner, we continuously deploy well-tested and patched firmware updates directly to our customers' devices, and by delegating a large portion of cyber security to Prevas, customers can focus on developing the fundamental qualities of the devices. Prevas' service is partially available for Prevas Industrial Linux (PIL), but it can also be provided for systems not developed by Prevas.

Please contact Rune Hillebo Wiinberg, Head of Cyber Security, or Mads Doré Hansen, Embedded Development Advisor, if you want to learn more about what we can do for you.


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Full partner for the whole lifecycle of embedded products. Development and maintenance with industrial Cyber Security compliance.

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A proactive offer designed to assist our customers in mitigating risk, by getting early notification in case of public available security threats in product firmware components.

More about Prevas Cyber Security Intelligence (PCSI). Pdf, 169.7 kB.

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Rune Hillebo Wiinberg

Head of Cyber Security, Prevas A/S

Tel +45 31 69 38 32


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Mads Doré Hansen

Embedded Development Advisor, Prevas A/S

Tel +45 40 19 65 66


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