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Dependency Map for Jira

Improve agile teams productivity by visualizing dependencies.

Agile development teams strive for a high level of efficiency and flexibility. It is a challenge to make the vision come true.

Complex dependencies are the root cause for many of the challenges agile software development teams are struggling with:

  • Efficiently work together as one team
  • Develop more software faster with the same resources
  • Make fast changes with predictability
  • Conduct efficient PI planning meetings based on correct dependency data

Our customers use Dependency Map for personal task management, digital scrum boards, big-room planning with geographically distributed teams, human resource planning, progress tracking, risk management, and roadmap and business modelling.

The possibilities are endless.

"It does not matter if the company works with medical devices or manufacturing of trucks, there are challenges in business development that are the same for everyone", says Peter Roos. "Dependency Map is used in addition to JIRA to ensure that tasks are distributed in a timely manner between teams and individuals. It is a good support to avoid costly problems during the development process."

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