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Embedded systems and intelligent sensors

Smartphones and tablets, along with modern programming languages, are still growing in significance and are increasingly used in innovative, intelligent products

It is no longer the technology that is of interest, it is what it makes possible.

More and more functionality are being embedded directly into the software. The software's portion of product development is increasing at an enormous rate. The combination of software and hardware is enabling entirely new capabilities, and this applies to all types of products.

Positioning & Navigation Solutions

To get quality assured control of different types of machines and devices, it is often necessary to obtain information about their position. GPS has now been used for a long time, but it can only be used outdoors and often the accuracy is not sufficient for the application. Monitoring of motion is also a very important parameter in machines and control systems.

Inertial navigation, dead reckoning, seismic, and sonar technology are, together with GPS technology, areas that Prevas has a deep knowledge in. Advanced signal processing, algorithms and filter technology, and keeping track of the very fast development for sensors, like gyros and accelerometers, ensure successful projects.

Many cutting-edge technology projects has been delivered to our customers to be used in new innovative products and applications. Prevas has e.g. developed ultra-sound sonar systems, laser scanning systems, obstacle detection and navigation in robot vacuum cleaners, AIS (GP&C system for marine application), systems for positioning control for industrial tools, performance sensors for dampers in motorcycles and racing cars, positioning for mining equipment, positioning and navigation systems for military vehicles etc.

Example of customers are
ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Hansen Protection, Saab, SSC, C2-SAT, and Öhlins Racing.

Measurements and Sensor Solutions

Where high precision measurement and sensor technology really matters.

In many high-tech industrial applications, there is a need for very fast and precise measurements. To enable these kinds of measurements, there is also often a need to develop new types of high precision sensors. With efficient tools and methods for measurement, many new innovative applications can be developed and packaged into profitable products.

Prevas has been involved in applications that cover many different types of measurement technologies; such as infrared, liquid/gas flow, optical, radar, seismic, sonar, temperature, vibrational, and x-ray. These sensors and systems are used in many different industrial areas.

Example of Customers are
ABB, Aimpoint, Atlas Copco, Autoliv, Axis Communications, Emotra, Flir, Honeywell Life Safety, Kaller, Lindcom, Mercon, SAAB (defense) and Silixa.

Optronics, Vision systems and Image processing

There is an ever growing use of optical sensors in both industrial and customer used applications all over the world. The systems can be used for a vast number of applications, from communication to 3D visualization of the environment. Two of the latest adapters of the technology are the automotive area and life science, both using the latest developments in camera technology and specialized signal processing processors to the limit.

A lot of companies use Prevas’ competence in this area to get specialist knowledge, to generate embedded solutions, and to generate entirely new products – including manufacturing setup.

Many companies need support in the critical sensor selection phase, when it is crucial to know the pros and cons of the sensors in different environments which will be used to measure objects made from different materials. Prevas can offer expertize specification, optronics, photonics, image processing algorithms, target tracking algorithms, life science system design, sighting systems, alignment systems, TV-, IR-cameras, fiber optics, multi sensor systems, etc. We have seen the light.

Prevas is also a Platinum partner to National Instruments and has unlimited access to the LabVIEW NI Vision Development Module. A block based image processing pack to be used for pre-studies, research, and rapid prototyping with vision systems. The code can also be auto transferred to AISIC, virtually with the click of a button.

Example of customers are
Autoliv, Alere Technologies, Axis Communications, Aimpoint, Balter Medical, Cisco Systems, Flir, Fixturlaser, HemoCue, Norsk Elektro Optikk, OptoSense, Orgentec, Silixa, SAAB Sensis and Trimble.

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