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Enterprise Asset Management, EAM, maintenance solution

All assets in a factory must be served and maintained for optimal function. With Prevas’ maintenance solution EAM, you're always one step ahead, enabling profitable operations and sustainable development.

Looking for answers to maintenance-related questions? Prevas can help you gather millions of individual pieces of measurement data, from all devices and around the clock. Monitoring and analyzing plant equipment provides you with accurate information on operational status, service and maintenance, and at the same time, gives you an easily accessible summary of the overall condition of your plant.

With well-planned preventive maintenance, you can increase up-time, increase productivity and lower maintenance costs. Prevas has created a user-friendly and scalable solution for smart decision-making that gives customers detailed overviews of all maintenance needs. Customers can choose the amount of data to be gathered and how it will be displayed and controlled.

The product offering is based on the HxGN EAM suit – world leading EAM software from Hexagon (former Infor). All solutions are offered installed at the customer premises or as cloud solutions.

Smart maintenance

Traditional maintenance versus condition-based maintenance is about taking a different approach, from a reactive approach to a proactive. Digitalization provides access to the information you need right now, neither more nor less. Internet of Things, big data analytics and cloud solutions enable both user-friendly and scalable solutions for detailed overviews of all maintenance requirements.

Move maintenance into the operational part of the organization, shift the focus from reactive (unwelcome) maintenance to proactive and predictable maintenance. There is nothing mysterious or difficult about it – there are plenty of good examples – but this is a change that must be made with full awareness of what is involved.

A modern, web-based maintenance system such as HxGN EAM has the requisite technology and flexibility to provide good support for the processes and workflows our customers need. For optimal ROI, it should be simple and cost-effective to update and modify the workflow and functionality over time. We can do this without changing product source code, which means lower costs.

More than 80 maintenance solutions

Prevas is a leading supplier of maintenance solutions and EAM in the Nordic countries, and has delivered several solutions to a variety of markets and industries. Prevas’ maintenance portfolio is based on industry best practices and has been developed in close collaboration with our more than 80 Nordic maintenance customers. The solutions extend from traditional work order management to innovative solutions for condition-controlled and predictive maintenance.

Our solutions can be implemented with predefined configurations based on best practices for specific industries, enabling our customers to quickly get underway. The solutions permit customer-specific configurations for each customer’s particular needs. An installation of the Prevas HxGN EAM solution takes about 4–6 weeks, depending on the resources the customer can dedicate to implementation.

Savings of up to 50 percent

Maintenance is not a necessary evil but rather a starting point for more efficient operations that should be seen as an investment rather than an expense. Previous installations of the Prevas EAM solution show among other things, savings of up to 50 percent in labor maintenance costs and increases in machine availability of up to 10 percent.

Performance & OEE

The ability to collect real-time production data in order to react quickly in case of inefficiencies and deviations is an increasingly decisive competitive advantage for our customers.

OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is the most commonly used Key Performance Indicator within the area of performance measurement. OEE can be applied on a single machine, a production cell, a production line or a whole plant.

Prevas offers a wide range of services within the Performance & OEE area, such as helping out with OEE specifications (what to measure, how to measure), purchasing and implementation of appropriate system solutions and helping customers to use OEE as a means for continuous improvements.

A partner for the future

We offer efficient, customized solutions for your industry and establish long-term customer relationships. Prevas is

HxGN EAM Channel partner

Channel Partner HxGN EAM

Partner with IFS within Field Service Management (FSM)
Certified Microsoft Solutions partner
Oracle Gold partner

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