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Internet of Things

We live in a connected world where people and machines join in creating new solutions for smart devices, cars, factories, homes and cities.

The new computer-savvy generation takes many functions in modern products and applications for granted, which means new prerequisites for everyone, including manufacturers. Even the simplest product sometimes needs to be able to communicate with the surrounding world via an app or a cloud solution.

Using sensors for example, a multitude of different types of information can be transferred, such as temperature, motion and position. Measurements can be made of how a product is actually used and how well production is optimized. The possibilities are endless.

Prevas has many years of experience in supporting various industries with solutions in this field. Prevas' expertise in embedded technology and industrial IT solutions – in combination with application and process know-how in many different areas– makes Prevas a perfect partner in Internet of Things projects.

Internet of Things creates new opportunities

To maintain competitiveness in quickly evolving markets, intelligence and communication capabilities must increasingly be built into products and processes. New technological trends such as the Internet of Things, connected machines and cloud services provide companies with capabilities to create new innovative solutions, products and business models. Prevas' uniquely broad and extensive expertise in these areas makes us an optimal partner for our customers.

Prevas helps customers develop competitive advantages with Internet of Things technology. We begin in the idea-creation phase, focusing on user experience and customer benefits, and continue with optimization of business models, products and production to development of apps.

Big Data – knowledge is power

The need to be able to make decisions quickly is growing at the same time as input for making these decisions is increasing in both volume and complexity. Everything from internal data to external events influences operations. Rapid processing of information and selecting relevant data for analysis are becoming increasingly important in meeting the competition.

When industries implement new technical platforms, mobility is a new and important aspect that noticeably influences people's ways of working. Mobility gives our customers opportunities to be more productive, develop new business models and increase profitability.

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