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Machine safety and CE marking

The Machinery Directive is necessary for us having safe machines that do not cause accidents. A CE marking of a machine indicates that the machine can be freely sold on the European market as it complies with the Machinery Directive and any other requirements required by the CE marking. It provides a safe combination!

We have extensive experience of working with machine safety and CE marking and help customers in the development of new equipment as well as in rebuilding existing ones. This has given us broad and deep knowledge in the field that we are happy to share with you.

We are active members of SIS TK 282 where we work together with other prominent experts in the field to develop standards in machine safety.

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Below is a selection of areas in which we have experience.

Machine safety needs analysis

We will help you to conduct mapping based on your current situation. This can include anything from a new machine or equipment and rebuilding existing equipment to the assembly of an entire fleet or machine line.

We also map the machine safety of equipment manufactured before 1995 based on AFS 2006:4. After mapping we then propose measures and strategies to maintain current requirements for machine safety.

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Big Data – knowledge is power

We carry out consultations to carry out risk assessments based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations on machines, AFS 2008:3, which is based on the EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). We believe that these risk assessments will be most complete if we conduct them together with you. You have the product knowledge required and we have the structure and expertise necessary to effectively conduct them. After our joint workshop, our hope is that you will feel confident in the responsibility entailed with launching a new product.

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Courses in CE marking and the Machinery Directive

We conduct company-adapted courses based on your wishes and conditions. The aim can be to improve your general understanding of machine safety, or to create the conditions at your company for dealing with a completely new situation.

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Machine safety needs analysis

Are you developing a product that is covered by the Machinery Directive, but do not know what the requirements are?

We can help you with a complete CE certification coupled to the Machinery Directive. With extensive experience in product development, both internally and with external customers, we can support you throughout the process.

To avoid expensive costs later in your projects, we are happy to come in and help you with this in an early phase. After start-up, we can jointly develop a plan for which parts we will carry out. This may include technical documentation, instructions for use, advice, risk assessments or the preparation of the EC declaration.

The requirement for a new CE marking also applies to machines assembled into a composite machine line, even if the individual machines included in the line are already CE marked. Does this apply for you? If so, we can also support you throughout the process to ensure that all current regulations of the Swedish Work Environment Authority are met.


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