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Value-adding maintenance solutions (EAM)

Fact-based decisions increase the opportunities to meet sustainability goals and to wisely use resources such as materials, energy and people in ways that also benefit the environment. A value-adding maintenance system is worth its weight in gold!

With well-planned preventive maintenance, you can improve availability, increase productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Do you also want to take advantage of industry-specific standard processes based on best practices to avoid having to re-invent the wheel? Then we can help you.

We deliver and implement a user-friendly and scalable maintenance solution (EAM) for smart decision-making, where you gain a detailed overview of all your maintenance needs. In simple terms, we believe that if you give your employees the conditions to do their job in the best way, the result is that your customers receive world-class service. At the same time as your facilities are being looked after in the best possible way.

We have chosen to work with the market's leading maintenance and field service solutions. Over 80 clients have been helped by us in their maintenance system projects. This has given us extensive experience and a solid understanding of operational maintenance processes. We are also accompanying many of our clients on their journeys from on-premises installations to cloud solutions.

Find out more and determine whether your business can relate to the opportunities and challenges below.

Your employees free up to 20% of their time

System problems and bad processes? A modern maintenance system supports business processes and gives you the opportunity to automate your operations. It makes your company an attractive employer. This gives you the opportunity to create value for your customers, instead of the maintenance system and unnecessary activities becoming a stress factor and even worse, a work environment problem. Other companies have on average increased the productivity of their workforce by up to 20% through the deployment of a market-leading maintenance system.

Up to 20% less downtime for your facilities

Do you have too many costly emergency repairs that lead to unforeseen downtime? Wouldn't it be better to work with planned maintenance, that the right resources are in place at the right time? Preventive maintenance can be state-based or predictive, and you can start your journey wherever you like.

Customers in focus

Is too little time spent providing value to your customers? The competition for customers is tough and whoever delivers the best value will win in the long run. Efficient and satisfied employees with the right preconditions will focus on the customers.

Sustainability to conserve the Earth's resources

How does it sound with increased product service life while reducing the operating costs of your facilities? With a market-leading maintenance system, you get the support you need. Material reuse is also a necessity for the world's resources to be sufficient for future generations. Many companies have started selling used and refurbished products.

A good maintenance system supports the sustainability process and helps you care for your investments throughout life cycles. Sustainability is also entails working paperless and digitally, and having all facility information available when executing job orders. It can be a matter of job instructions, drawings, history, spare parts, etc. What are your sustainability goals?

KPIs for steering your operations

Do you have poor KPIs or none at all? Continuous improvements are a must if you are going to keep up with developments. In order to properly manage your operations and make the right decisions, you must be able to analyze your activities. What do you need to make the right decisions and what do you want to improve? Utilization rate, first-time fix rate, emergency and planned downtime?

A partner for the future

We offer efficient, customized solutions for your industry and establish long-term customer relationships. Prevas is

HxGN EAM Channel partner

Channel Partner HxGN EAM

Partner with IFS Ultimo within Field Service Management (FSM)

IFS Ultimo

Certified Microsoft Solutions partner


Oracle Gold partner


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    Municipality of Karlstad secures the future of water supply and wastewater maintenance with HxGN EAM

  • Hexagon Ragasco

    Efficient stock management and reduced waste with HxGN EAM

  • Göteborgs Spårvägar

    Standardized and cloud-based maintenance system – collaboration between Göteborgs Spårvägar and Prevas

  • Scatec ASA

    Digitized maintenance solution for solar cell plants

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