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MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and production support

Production solutions that help companies improve productivity, product quality, customer service and to comply with government regulations. 

Achieving improvement across all plants and integrating intelligence, from the shop floor to the top floor, are keys to manufacturing productivity.

Prevas has years of experience from delivering Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), which are IT solutions that support the primary production processes in a production plant or across multiple plants. The MES solutions from Prevas help manufacturing customers to bridge the gap between ERP and automation. They allow you to establish common standards and best practice that result in minimizing cost, lead-times, WIP (Work in Progress) and inventory.

Demand for production support and MES is rapidly growing as companies shift their focus to the global marketplace, where efforts to achieve improved capacity, productivity, quality and profitability are becoming increasingly important. Prevas delivers turnkey MES solutions based on most technology platforms.

Performance & OEE

The ability to collect real-time production data in order to react quickly in case of inefficiencies and deviations is an increasingly decisive competitive advantage for our customers.

OEE, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is the most commonly used Key Performance Indicator within the area of performance measurement. OEE can be applied on a single machine, a production cell, a production line or a whole plant.

Prevas offers a wide range of services within the Performance & OEE area, such as helping out with OEE specifications (what to measure, how to measure), purchasing and implementation of appropriate system solutions and helping customers to use OEE as a means for continuous improvements.


Requirements of authorities/regulators, as well as from customers, require good traceability in production. In addition to this, there are also economic aspects of traceability. Reduced costs for rejects, incorrect deliveries and cancellations, are some examples of the benefits of a well implemented traceability solution. Prevas offers a range of solutions for traceability in many industries, for example food, pharmaceutical industry and the nuclear industry.

Order Management

Order Management is essential when it comes to paperless production and data integrity. By introducing a computerized Order Management system to the production floor you can for example ensure that

  • right parameters are sent to the production equipment
  • the latest production changes are propagated to the production line in a controlled and secured way
  • any updates in specification or other supporting documents are available to the production operators immediately.

Operations and Set-point Management

The MES Operations module transforms your production schedule into operational commands.
MES Operations includes:

  • Downloading and execution of production schedules.
  • Local dispatching of production work orders to lines and machines according to available capacity.
  • Downloading of equipment set points and coordinating the sequence of operational activities.
  • Tracking and analysis of work-in-progress (WIP) and inventory.
  • Master data management for manufacturing operations, such as recipes, bills-of-material and quality specifications.

Quality Management

The need to measure and record product quality has many stakeholders and can be a key factor in the ability to manufacture and sell products. Whether it is regulatory compliance, safety, green initiatives or the drive for increased margins that impose these requirements, quality control is a fundamental part of MES, that is critical to manufacturing effectiveness.

Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration enables fast and reliable information exchange between MES or SCADA system to and from Enterprise Business Systems.

Prevas offers solutions for Plant to Enterprise integration or MES to Enterprise integration. Typical integration scenarios include connecting business systems such as ERP or Supply Chain Management with MES, Batch or SCADA software and other shop floor applications.

The design of a Supply Chain Integration ensure continued plant operations – so if your ERP is temporarily unavailable, the “persisted” message history remains intact.

Manufacturing Business Processes

Due to its product-centric perspective, MES is tied not only to machine level information and processes but also to corporate master data, business processes and organizational factors. To fully understand this, consider how answers to the following questions could affect manufacturing processes over a range of 3-5 years:

  • What if you introduce new products or changes to existing products?
  • What if you gain new customers or new sales channels?
  • What if your products are subject to new or changing regulatory requirements?
  • What if the corporate strategy changes?
  • What if you go through a reorganization?
  • What if there are changes to your work force?

For most companies the answers to these questions imply that a great deal of flexibility is required in manufacturing operations and that manufacturing business process management can be the foundation for fulfilling this requirement.  

Production Logistics

Prevas offers solutions to optimize production material flow and to increase inventory turnover. The solutions range from shorter studies during early exploration phases up to full functional responsibility 24/7/365 for production logistics during ongoing operations.

Complemented by a broad service offering by our business consultants having decades of experience, we are providing logistics solutions to a wide variety of industries, including automotive, steel and the distribution sector.

Production Scheduling

In order to meet increased competition and increased customer demands, the industry is adopting to a more flexible production. To be able to handle the new flexible production in an efficient way processes and tools for Production Scheduling are becoming increasingly important.

Production Scheduling is all about determine realistic delivery dates, taking other orders into account and at the same time ensuring high utilization of available capacity, for example by avoiding bottlenecks, expensive overtime work, or unnecessary transitions on machines. Without the right tools at hand the planning task could be almost impossible to handle in an efficient manner.

Prevas offers investment support, development, integration, training as well as support throughout the entire process from clarification of requirements to a running Production Scheduling solution.

Process and Energy optimization

As the production cost goes up so do companies´ needs to find optimal solutions in production. To be competitive it is necessary to optimize productivity, quality and manufacturing cost on many levels. Prevas' services, products and system solutions have been able to save up to 20 percent on energy consumption, while dramatically increasing the rate of production and reducing the amount of scrap. All this without any investment in new manufacturing equipment. By analyzing the process and utilizing process data to make changes in the operational processes and control system it is often possible to find hidden production capacity and at the same time reduce production cost.

For control, monitoring and optimization of industrial processes, we have overall solutions for taking over functional responsibility. However, we also have specialists who can help out already during the project planning phases.

We have a broad service portfolio of specialists, project managers, automation engineers and support personnel with years of experience from the industry. 

Batch Solutions

Batch production is most common in Food & Beverage, Life Science and Chemical industries, where there is a large variety in recipes, ingredients and order quantities.

Prevas has a long experience in delivering batch solutions as well as providing essential additional services such as production execution, traceability and production reporting. Batch solutions are also often integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to receive and execute production orders, as well as to provide timely reports on current production and on raw materials consumption.


Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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