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Manufacturing Intelligence, MI

It-based systems for collection, storage, processing and distribution of information.

Manufacturing Intelligence is software solutions that collect and present manufacturing-related data from a variety of sources in order to provide decision makers with clear information about the organization's performance.

Prevas manufacturing Intelligence solutions empower companies to visualize and analyze their overall operational performance using a variety of powerful data analysis, reporting and monitoring tools. Functions supporting simple queries through more complex analytics bring you production counts, costs, process capability overviews, asset utilization, energy, quality and other critical operations or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics.

Prevas has delivered more than a hundred MI solutions worldwide, to organizations large and small, within most industries. We possess a portfolio of MI-products, both internally developed and supplied by our technology partners.

Environmental and energy monitoring

Environmental and energy issues have become a priority on both political and industrial agendas. For industry, this has to do with such things as emission quotas and chemical consumption reporting.

Prevas' solutions for environmental monitoring contribute to effective external and internal reporting because the data is completely reliable and traceable. This minimizes the use of internal resources, improves the company's position in the market and simplifies interaction with government authorities.

Regulatory Control

Regulatory Control is software solutions that help organizations to adhere to legal and regulatory issues.

The level of knowledge and control provided by our software solutions allows you to meet and exceed government regulations. Prevas' software solutions for regulatory reporting help your business to keep a good relationship with the authorities.

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