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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Increased knowledge about product information creates prerequisites for business development.

Our unique competence within Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), the technology areas and business processes handling product information, has been built up through experience and collaborations with several of Sweden's leading industrial companies. From our point of view this is an area in major transformation by many reasons, related to what is designated as the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0.

Examples of significant causes such as new technology and essential higher degree of customization, requirements of shorter lead-times, time-to-market and profitability drives evolution within the product information area.

We see an increasing number of companies that fundamentally changing their business models, how PLM and streamlining of product information management is becoming more relevant than ever.

Available, traceable, trusted and machine-readable information is a prerequisite to succeed with business development today. But how to do it?

We optimize our clients product information ecosystem

Prevas offers services within four main areas which in different ways contributes to enhance knowledge and awareness how product information empowers business development, what it takes and how to do it.

  • We perform strategic analyzes, give recommendations and execute implementations on middle- to large scale companies. For more information about this, go to Strategy & Definition.

  • We provide methods to solve given problems, execute pilots and improve specific areas or departments related to product information. For more information go to Method & Analysis.

  • We hold knowledge and methods to create the best prerequisites to develop data driven business models and organizations. Read more under Implementation.

  • We also offer consultancy with a wide knowledge spectra within the Product Information area and PLM. Go to Management Consulting to get now our consultants.

Method & Analysis

What is PLM and How to Realize Value of Product Information?

Our experience is that there are as many answers as questions within the subject. Every day we meet difficulties regarding ambiguity in purpose, function, scope and possibilities with PLM.

Today the concept of PLM is relatively well established in design & manufacturing departments in most manufacturing companies, but far from a cross-functional concept in other parts of the organization.

The pace of development of PLM is far too low in correlation to market needs and increasing product complexity. This in combination with new- and data driven business models, makes PLM more relevant than ever.

An explanation to this could be that PLM software vendors historically have had a limited focus on processes directed to construction departments and their dialogues with manufacturing.

Through our many years of experience we have formed a relevant understanding of the benefits and potential of PLM as a concept. Along with how it contributes to a company’s strategic and operational evolvement, far beyond the boundaries of only product development and manufacturing processes.

PLM enables available, traceable, machine readable and trusted product information. Therefor PLM possesses the ability to bring functions together and support a seamless flow of information related to a product (a so-called digital thread). PLM empowers possibilities to customize products (configuration), impact assessments, real-time reports and development of service-adapted business models.

We offer as-is surveys and analyzes, proposals for scalable solutions and incremental implementation of strategy throughout the whole value chain, as well as operational activities within the product information area.

Strategy & Definition

Through our long experience of collaboration with several of Sweden’s leading industrial companies, we have over time developed our own methods and processes to improve our customers product information architecture and digital landscapes. To prepare for challenges such as shorter lead-times and time-to-market, new requirements of environmental sustainability and profitability in various disciplines such as; sales, product development, manufacturing, service and after-market, these components needs one common, module based and understandable structure regarding product information.

But, how to do it and where to start?

At Prevas we have developed a method where we identify what we call “consumption scenarios”, to prepare an organization and/or discipline to create available, traceable, machine readable and trusted product information. We believe the start of a transformation is to step-by-step take a better control over management of product information throughout the entire value chain. This requires a complete focus shift from a production- to consumption-based focus.

An essential success factor is to secure all product information will be relevant and add value for an organization. In order to do this, identified Consumption Scenarios must support a company’s overall strategic focus areas.

Regardless if there is a specific problem or case for improvement within a certain discipline or organization, we always start with a status analysis and map the information flow. This means you as a client can choose to start by only investing in the first out of three steps (as-is, analysis & conclusion and solution) of a fully committed holistic solution, that still generates value.


Embracing new technologies and digitalization of business is not only about increasing profitability and developing the business, but also taking responsibility in climate issues, managing human capital and strengthen corporate culture. So, how can PLM contribute to this?

Prevas is specialized within management of product information and we focus on the components and factors in an organization that has a relevant impact on such.

We have defined this as five components; organization, system & tools, ways of working, product information and business concept. We believe these components are exactly what PLM is about. Since they all have a significant impact on the business, PLM should be addressed at a strategic and corporate level. We do not see any definite chronological order in these, but they contribute in different ways, to varying degrees in all organizations. This is a work in itself, to map this out and we rather advocate a step-by-step approach.

All too often we see PLM slipping far into silo organizations with consequences such as fragmented data, lack of traceability and manual handling of product information leading to waste of resources.

We offer knowledge and methods to create the right prerequisites for developing data-driven business models and organizations.

Management Consulting

Prevas Offers Consulting Services Focused on Realizing the Value of Product Information.

With strategic and analytical thinking and technical expertise, our consultants guide organizations in development, through change and towards goals.

We analyze, define, create and implement the right prerequisites for creating available, traceable, machine readable and trusted product information.

In order to deliver only the best solutions to our clients we act as an independent consultancy form.

We are convinced that correct knowledge is a strategic asset in order to achieve financial fortunate results. Therefor our consultants always strive towards maintaining a high level of service and documented experience that meets our client’s specific needs.

value for our customers

With our many years of experience and collaborations with several of Sweden's leading industrial companies; we enable the development of our customers' digital landscapes.

our competence

Product Lifecycle Management, technology areas and business processes that handle product information.

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