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Intelligent production, with AVEVA's industrial software portfolio

Prevas is a certified system integrator and partner for AVEVA’s industrial software solutions.

AVEVA offers a broad and proven software portfolio that aims to create and accelerate sustainable business values.

The software portfolio is suitable for the pharmaceutical, gas, petroleum, food and discrete industries, as well as infrastructure and facilities.

The AVEVA portfolio, formerly known as Wonderware and Citect, enables different parts of the production apparatus to be connected into a whole. By connecting business and production systems, real-time overviews and decision input can be easily produced. Both for prompt process adjustments as well as follow-up reports for management-level decisions.

Vertical integration and orchestration using AVEVA's solutions entail decisions based on facts. In a world where IT and OT have long since merged, data-driven decisions strengthen your teams by enabling process information in real time.

AVEVA's solutions are well suited for larger industries where downtimes, lead times and adjustment times are monitored and measured in daily production. With the help of AVEVA's solutions, these KPIs are not only monitored but also positively affected by quickly giving the right people the right information for the right decisions and actions. Real-time visual alarms on computer screens, mobile phones and large screens in production enable rapid responses from production personnel. Capabilities for cloud services mean that decision-makers in production can log in and remotely monitor operations.

Splitting, stopping or moving a partial order between production or packing lines can mean long stop times, errors in material balances, mistakes due to oral communication and, in the worst case, product defects. AVEVA's solutions have built-in support for this type of order management. Via customizable graphical interfaces, orders can be smoothly split, stopped, suspended and moved between lines. With feedback all the way up to the business systems.

AVEVA's products have been used for many years in most industries for a reason. They are scalable. When new production lines are added, the solution for handling new robots, I/O and equipment is expanded.

A ready-made, powerful communication interface and graphical modules for user interfaces means that configuration and development can be concentrated on functionality and user support instead of integration challenges, security and safety issues and performance.

Prevas, together with the support of AVEVA Select Scandinavia, is your secure partner for flexible, robust and scalable production system solutions.

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