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Snitcher Medical, labeling Life Science

A new approach to labeling in the pharmaceutical and medical-device industry.

Prevas Snitcher Medical makes it easier and safer to label pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The product is a flexible print-on-demand system that can handle everything from small-scale needs to the demands posed by large automated production facilities.

New products on the market more quickly
You avoid having to go via a printer in order to print product labels. Labels are designed in the system and are ready to be printed directly, while complete handling of versions is achieved. All labeling work is quicker and time-to-market is shortened for you products.

Easy to use with complete traceability in production
All labeling data that must be saved in accordance with the demands of public authorities, can be stored in the system and retrieved on demand. Traceability applies, for example, to content and design changes in the label. As soon as a label is changed it is stored in Snitcher Medical. A printed label can, after delivery, be reproduced exactly as it was printed.

Successful system
Several major Swedish pharmaceutical and medical device companies use the system today nationally as well as internationally. The system is being developed and continually adapted to meet each customer´s unique and varied needs. Long-term cooperation with our customers has always proven to give the best results.

Flexible modular design for greater efficiency
Prevas Snitcher Medical is a modular system with constant development of new modules. We supply adaptable validation documentation upon request. This makes Prevas Snitcher Medical an effective and user-friendly system.

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