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Support and Maintenance - Life Cycle Managment

Strengthen your R&D capacity and improve the pace of innovation.

In order to offer a cost-effective solution regarding support and maintenance, you need to have a set up of licenses and development environments, an experienced team, and a success-term approach. Merely making a change in the layout on a PCB can be made without expertize, but to see it from a design perspective is an art.

It takes time to acquire that experience and it's one of reasons for our success. It doesn’t matter if it is a product designed by us or a customer, our experience in product development gives us the edge of comprehension!

Our engineers have a deep understanding of the link between product development and production. Being ahead of many other development agencies, we are very knowledgeable of what it means to be product owners and how a product, or a constituent component, needs to be managed over time, both in electronics and software. Some of our customers have also added repairs, maintenance, and product care with us on some of their existing products. This can involve everything from replacing single components, and updating a BOM, and a product base, to replacing a critical FPGA or processor, and ensuring that we retain full functionality.

Cost reduction

We perform software upgrade/porting and cost reduction programing on a single board or a whole product structure.


  • Investigations and LCA:s (Impact analysis, life cycle analyses)
  • Schematics & Layout
  • Technical documentation; including product calculations, specifications into detailed design descriptions and production documents
  • Rapid Prototypes on the new design
  • Test, validation, and certification
  • Sourcing, components, OEM, QA with transfer (quality insurance)
  • Repairing

2nd or 3rd line support

  • First response within 24 hours
  • Action plan within 3 working days
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure for development tools and document management
  • Readiness to implement design changes
  • End-Of-Life support

Sustaining services

  • Component-/materials engineering (EOL issues)
  • Feature upgrades
  • Bug corrections
  • DFX – reviews for X (manufacturing, automation, test, supply chain, disassembly, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance (EMC, RoHs, etc.)
  • Test development
  • OE-lite Linux long-time maintenance


Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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We love technology. But even more important perhaps, are ingenuity and seeing new opportunities. That’s what Prevas is really about.

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    Prevas UX/UI-expertise helps Nipro choose the right solutions within new design concept

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    Innovative hearing protection for group communications

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