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QA test engineering

Reduce development time and cost by reviewing the quality process.

Prevas' knowledge in test solutions (such as functional, HIL, RF and production testing systems and real-time and control systems) are necessary to be able to test today's complex embedded products. Our solutions also shorten the development time by using automatic testing, real-time simulations and rapid prototype development. Increasing the scope of the tests is important to increase product quality. Our processes and structures mean that our solutions can be reused for testing different types of products and also for production.

Test Data Treatment

After the test data is collected, one of the most important things is to treat the data in the right way. Prevas utilizes powerful tools like DIAdem, WATS and SQL to perform the calculations and visualizations required by the customer.

Test Engineering

At Prevas we can help the customer to understand what should be tested, give advice on how to test different products and what hardware/software to use for that specific setup.

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Søren W. Mathiasen

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Prevas A/S

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Mattias Carlsson

Mälardalen Compliance Management, Prevas AB

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Sara Ådahl Aggebäck

Business Region Manager East, Prevas AB

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