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Turnkey test system delivery

When building test systems, time is of the essence, and therefore Prevas offers to deliver the complete test system, leaving the customer with more time to focus on making a better product.

With many years of experience in creating software architectures combined with hardware, Prevas promise the customer a better time-to-market with accelerated development, improved quality, easy customization and effective maintenance.

At Prevas we focus on being able adapt and therefore we can deliver complete systems including everything from sensor/actuator to cloud data treatment.

Production Test

Prevas has knowledge and components to provide test systems for all kinds of production testing. With many years of experience in production testing Prevas easily understands the customers production line and where to add value.

With large amounts of data, the production lines of modern society need data management and system monitoring. At Prevas there has been a large investment in being able to deliver systems like this and can therefore contribute with inhouse experience in IoT, cloud infrastructure and data treatment.

We have Inhouse experience in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and have a close cooperation with a couple of EMS companies in the Nordics.

R&D Test

When it comes to R&D testing, it is all about modularity and flexibility. Prevas has developed tools that makes it possible to modify a setup with ease. This will enable the customer in a flexible way to fulfill validation requirements. At Prevas, we understand how the R&D process goes and because of the experience we have, we can help our customers with best practices. We have experience with protype testing, simulation (Hardware In the Loop) and validation testing.

One of the many tools Prevas has developed is called PreCAST (Prevas Configurable Automated Software for Test) a LabVIEW Software Framework. This tool makes it easy for the customer to edit tests or even swap out the hardware.

More about PreCAST.


Being able to monitor systems can save a company significant amounts of money. Prevas utilizes different tools to enable the customer to get insight in their data. With more information on a system, it is easier to maintain etc. doing repairs on time to reduce downtime.

Prevas brings experience in Cloud services and sensor solutions. With tools like InsightCM the customer will, together with Prevas, be able to make rules to get warnings before it gets critical.

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