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Value Engineering

Bring down the cost by Value Engineering.

Prevas offers competent and experienced cost down project management in many industries. We can handle all phases, from identification and scoping to execution and anchoring. Are you challenged by cost down and optimizations and do your organization need to be challenged, please contact us.

Statements from our customers

“We’ve had extensive collaboration for the past 12–14 years and I expect it to continue. We see it as a partnership more than a collaborative arrangement, and our operations are based on this. We have no reservations in saying that we are extremely satisfied with Prevas, and we would be happy to share our experiences.” Anders Reske-Nielsen, Head of Development at Brüel & Kjær Vibro

“Johnson Controls is one of the market leaders within industrial refrigeration in cooling and heating systems. We offer many customer-specific solutions and for these, we have often benefitted from Prevas’ expertise. They deliver high-end engineering and project management from day one, which enables us to keep our deadlines and reduce delivery time.” Brian Krogh Jensen, Manager Order Engineering, Johnson Controls

“The Prevas Team have an international mindset and extensive experience in working with Value Engineering and Cost out at Senior Project and Business Management levels. They turn it all upside down and work across systems, employees, processes, strategies and cultures. It has been a pleasure working with Prevas and we have been extremely satisfied with the management efforts from Prevas.” Michael Petersen, Vice President, MAN Energy Solution

“Our company is very dependent on a development partner who has gathered all resources within construction, tool making, casting and approvals. That is why we chose Prevas as a development partner. They work well organized and structured, with great respect for Seneco’s deadlines and money.” Søren Refsgaard, Product Manager, SENECO

Selected achievements

  • Saving 1.7 mio. € per wind turbine
  • Saving 3,8 mio. € per year in blade production
  • Assembly time in production reduced with 12%
  • Reducing cost in mold manufacturing with 38 mio. €
  • End-to-end cooperation model reduced total value chain risk with 31%
  • Increasing production of blades with 18%, at no extra cost
  • Setup with 2 external suppliers, resulting in 23% faster ramp up
  • Maturing logistics department and secure the deliverables from logistic department to production

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Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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