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Sustainable production

Sustainable production means many different things, but for us it is quite simple. We need to create a sustainable world and we want to do it together with you. Sustainable production with new or improved solutions and services creates positive effects for people, society and the environment.

Common to all companies and sectors is that we have to get better. Everyone must act and in order to succeed with sustainable production, all aspects of operations must be involved. This is needed to achieve, among other things, reduced environmental and climate impact, resource efficiency and good working conditions, but also adapted business models.

We contribute with the technology, methods and ways of working. We have been in the field for many years, working with industry challenges. This makes it easier to see opportunities and to be a central part of your business and operational development.

Examples of areas in which Prevas can help are machine investments, automation, production and flow optimization, industrialization, work environment, quality, traceability, maintenance and logistics.

Innovative solutions for proactive and predictive maintenance provide a concrete example among many others. Fact-based decisions increase the opportunities to meet sustainability goals and to wisely use resources such as materials, energy and people in ways that also benefit the environment. We are also involved in developing solutions for increased flexibility in production in terms of automation, volumes and product mix – solutions that are increasingly in demand.

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