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Additional functions

Prevas GCM is continuously developed with additional functions.

Prevas has a great interest in helping Prevas GCM customers simplify their work on handling trade item information. We have long experience of customer-friendly partnerships, integrations with surrounding systems and can develop new customized functions in cooperation with customers according to their requirements and needs.

The following additional services can be customized by customers:

  • Export trade item information from Prevas GCM to Dabas
  • Select sender-GLN when trade item information is to be sent to receivers
  • Import trade item information from business systems
  • Export trade item information to custom report, such as Excel report
  • Send trade item information to receivers in Danmark and Finland
  • Send trade item information to Systembolaget

For more information about Prevas GCM, contact us or via Prevas GCM-support for existing customers.


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