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  • Prevas interim report January – September 2021

    Strong quarter.
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  • Prevas: interim report January – June 2021

    Strong quarter and first six months.
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  • Prevas divests Tritech Solutions AB

    Prevas' subsidiary Tritech Technology AB, together with the three minority shareholders in Tritech Solutions AB, has today entered into an agreement to sell all shares in Tritech Solutions AB to Addtech Nordic AB.
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  • Prevas acquires cutting-edge company in life science

    Prevas has signed an agreement for the acquisition of the company MEDQURE. The company provides regulatory services and consultation to companies worldwide with medical devices. The acquisition further strengthens Prevas' position in life science.
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  • The tech industry in open letter to Anna Ekström: Promote digital knowledge and programming in schools

    Swedish IT and Telecom Industries, together with Prevas and a number of industry representatives, have sent an open letter to Education Minister Anna Ekström calling for greater emphasis on digital knowledge and programming in schools. Digitalization and further technological development are limited due to the major challenge faced by the industry in finding people with the right skills.
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  • Taking the pulse of the energy industry, Göteborg Energi

    In a series of talks, Prevas will be taking the pulse of the energy industry, an industry that is facing constant changes and major challenges. First up is a talk with Peder Holmström at Göteborg Energi.
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  • Prevas: interim report January – March 2021

    Strong quarter with growth
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  • Clean drinking water in four hours

    With the help of Prevas, 4Life Solutions has invented the water purifier SaWa, which can purify drinking water for people in the world's poorest countries. At the same time, the solution is inexpensive, safe, easy to use and environmentally sound variant.
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  • Nomination for new members of Prevas AB board of directors

    Prevas nomination committee has nominated Robert Demark, president of DeVenture AB, and Christer Wallberg, former president and CEO of Tacton Systems AB, as new members of the Prevas AB board of directors.
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  • NOTICE OF Annual General Meeting for Prevas AB (PUBL)

    The shareholders of Prevas AB (publ), 556252-1384, are hereby given notice of the Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday May 11th 2021.
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  • The devil is in the details

    At least when it comes to planning development of mechanical products. Many mechanical products can seem simple and straightforward at first glance. But the fact is that there is usually a lot of work behind the simplest solutions. For best results, it is important to work out the manufacturing method, material choice, design, etc., and preferably as early as possible in the project.
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  • Prevas wins prestigious contract with Nye Veier in Norway

    Prevas operations in Norway will deliver the "engine" in Nya Veier's new digital operations support system. The purpose of the new solution is to support and enable digital operations and maintenance management throughout road system life cycles.
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  • Prevas strengthens hardware cybersecurity

    Prevas' successful basic platforms for hardware and Linux platforms are now also available with the powerful NXP i.MX8 CPU along with support for cybersecurity administration.
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  • Record-breaking product development, that can save lives.

    Danish company Sentispec has jointly developed the world’s first fully automatic fever screener with Prevas, called the ViraHawk. It can measure the temperature of passers-by and identify potential infection spreaders.
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  • Vigab starts digitization journey with help from Prevas.

    The Gothenburg company Vigab performs various types of metal processing, mainly for load-bearing structures, industrial installations and interior forging. When after a major investment, they saw the need to automate their material supply, they enlisted the help of the EU-funded program Digiresan, where Prevas became their development partner.
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  • Prevas enters into agreement to acquire Evotech and the remaining minority shares in Tritech Technology and Deva Mecaneyes.

    Prevas has today entered into an agreement for the acquisition of all shares in the consulting company group Evotech and the remaining minority shares in the operational subsidiaries Tritech Technology and Deva Mecaneyes. The agreement is conditional subject to decision at the Prevas extraordinary general meeting. With the acquisition, an extremely strengthened position in product and production development is achieved.Acquired shares are valued at a total of approximately SEK 270 million and payment will be made through a combination of shares in Prevas issued through a non-cash issue and cash.
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  • Prevas will be delivering Infor EAM to Norsk Kylling for its new forward-looking facility in Orkanger.

    Norsk Kylling is investing in Infor EAM with Prevas. The solution will initially be tested and commissioned at Norsk Kylling’s current facility and then be implemented at their new hyper-modern factory, currently under construction in Orkanger.
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  • SAR Group is implementing Infor EAM with Prevas.

    The SAR Group that handles hazardous waste, is in the initial phase of implementing Infor Cloudsuite at its facilities in Norway, from Stavanger in the south to Hammerfest in the north.
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  • Smartare Elektronikhandboken. 

    Concentrated and easy-to-digest information in a handbook for all who are interested in electronics.
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  • Denmark gets its first MedTech Alliance. Nordic MedTech Alliance wants to compete with the world’s largest players.

    Denmark has gained its own strategic MedTech Alliance which caters to the life sciences industry. Nordic MedTech Alliance (NMA) is the coalition which by developing digital health products, will be helping the Danish life sciences industry save people’s lives.
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  • Shh… don't say it [Innovation] too aloud!  

    For many organizations, it gets difficult to talk about Innovation even when everybody is talking about it. That scary word that requires so much thinking and resourcing, and that brings so much uncertainty!
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  • What is UX and why is it so important to my company?

    "UX and design" is what I usually answer when someone asks me what I work with. UX, what is it?
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  • Curious about how you can digitalize your field service?

    When organizations decide to work with digitalization, there are many pitfalls to watch out for. There is also considerable risk of thinking that you've introduced digitalized ways of working when you haven’t actually done so.
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  • Proposal for new members of the board of directors for Prevas AB.

    Prevas' nomination committee proposes that Ebba Fåhreaus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator Lund, and Sven Ivar Mørch, most recently deputy CEO of Acando, be elected as new members of the board of Prevas AB.
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  • Prevas board of directors withdraws dividend proposal prior to 2020 annual general meeting.

    In view of the Covid-19 outbreak, the market situation is both uncertain and difficult to ascertain. The board of directors for Prevas AB has therefore decided to withdraw the previously announced dividend proposal as a precautionary measure.
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  • Product development for medical devices,
    Prevas expands certification in ISO 13485 standard.

    Prevas’ office in Uppsala has now also obtained the ISO 13485 certificate. A clear acknowledgement that we deliver development services in full accordance with the high-quality requirements set for medical devices. The office in Sundbyberg had already been certified according to the standard.
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  • Prevas automating Norway. Major order to Prevas.

    Prevas will be delivering new robotic and automation solutions to a company in the automotive industry. The undertaking includes new production lines with about 20 industrial robots and associated control of the plants.
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  • Sustainable production in focus as Prevas and Recab join forces.

    Prevas and Recab are both established suppliers in Swedish industry. They have now decided to initiate independent collaboration on sustainable production in order to offer comprehensive solutions that make it easier for organizations to take the next step on their digitalization journeys.
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  • Prevas sponsor for SmiLe Incubator

    SmiLe Incubator helps entrepreneurs and startup companies in life science to develop and commercialize their products and services. Prevas is now going in as a gold sponsor for SmiLe Incubator and will guide the startups in the jungle of rules and quality requirements in areas such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, e-health and medical technology.
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  • Increased automation and digitization with help from Prevas and Robotlyftet

    Robolyftet is a program initiated by the Swedish government and Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to promote automation at Sweden’s small and mid-size manufacturing companies. Robolyftet provides financial support in the form of automation checks so that companies can cost-effectively bring in external expertise. Prevas has been designated as a recommended system integrator for Robolyftet.
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  • Prevas is investing in UX

    The necessity of developing user-friendly and smart products, systems and services is increasing. Prevas is therefore creating a new business unit with focus on the user experience (UX).
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  • Borås Energi and Miljö AB choose Prevas and Infor EAM for maintenance at Sobacken

    Borås Energi och Miljö AB has invested SEK 3.7 billion in new facilities at Sobacken outside Borås, Sweden. These are hypermodern facilities for district heating, electricity and wastewater. Biogas is also produced here, which goes to public sales and to the municipalities’ cars, trucks and buses. The maintenance solution for the facilities will be supplied by Prevas.
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  • Is your product cyber-secure?

    With several new initiatives, Prevas tunes in on cyber security and risk management for smart products.
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  • Grundfos purchases WATS Test Data Management platform

    Grundfos has chosen the Virinco WATS platform for treatment of test data from production sites globally and has chosen Prevas as partner for installation and support. Virinco and Prevas has partnered with Grundfos in the process of implementing the system at Grundfos’ production plants worldwide over the coming years.
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  • Prevas Expanding with new office in Luleå

    Prevas will be opening its newest office in Sweden on April 1. At the end of 2018, Prevas opened an office in Eskilstuna. Now it’s Luleå’s turn as expansion continues.Luleå is an attractive city with both a rich business climate and an expansive university of technology. The focus for the office will primarily be on developing smart industries and helping customers to meet challenges and find new solutions for achieving sustainable production.
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  • Prevas introduces Medico Templates

    Prevas has made it easier and faster to get medical devices approved.
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  • Prevas and AT&T initiating collaboration

    AT&T and Prevas are initiating collaboration to develop IoT solutions (Internet of Things) and smart services for global industries and vertical markets. The three-year arrangement will assist businesses in utilizing AT&T's global and very secure IoT solutions together with Prevas’ industry expertise.
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  • Business Development Manager with a passion for technology

    At Prevas in Denmark, we are developing tomorrows electronics in collaboration with our customers and we are searching for a Business Development Manager, who will help us grow.
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  • Digitalization and Automation - in the right way

    That development is moving rapidly in automation and digitalization can hardly be overlooked. The development of collaborative robots, 3D printing, connected machines and smart support systems enables processes to be made more efficient in a ways that have never previously been possible.
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  • Exciting reading in new issue of Tech Trend

    What does a coffee-roasting plant and a windpower plant have in common with mobile healthcare may not be all that apparent at first glance, but there are similarities. Besides exciting technical solutions, flexible platforms and how one takes advantage of new technology and digitalization, there is a strong sustainability approach regarding the environment and health.
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  • Implantica 

    Implantica launching new standard of care

  • Robotize 

    Logistics for Smart Factories

  • GKN Driveline 

    Collaborative robot in serial production

  • Löfbergs' coffee-roasting plant 

    Cloud-based maintenance system