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Asset and Materials Management

Asset Performance Management

The asset performance measurement and management has many dimensions in different time frames. One is to follow up on the asset investment to identify needed actions on the production line /plant level. Another is to pin-point the assets, components and vendors that underperform and to take action. Another is to monitor energy consumption and to produce alerts and inspections before losses and break downs occurs. To identify increased energy consumption is an efficient kind of predictive maintenance as energy consumption is an early warning indicating asset problems or need of maintenance. A basic but important process is to follow up on budgets and analyze deviations.

Prevas has an EAM top 10 report concept for asset performance measurement in production. The concept has a number of report models that can be used live from the system in meetings or automatically distributed as a report package per week, month or quarter. The EAM top 10 is the minimum intelligence output from an EAM system in production.

The basic report package includes:

  • Incident report and trend (Safety)
  • Stop time analysis/OEE connected to asset/process root cause
  • Budget – maintenance costs follow up (work internal/external  and materials)
  • Project follow up (stops, rebuilds)
  • Maintenance work hours per equipment – per acute WO, corrective planned WO and preventive WO
  • Used materials follow up (store room availability, direct purchase, lead-times)
  • Call outs report
  • Downtime caused by maintenance work – total time, maintenance time, lead time
  • Preventive work backlog (Inspections, preventive)
  • Consumptions (Energy)
  • Critical asset condition information and trends (condition monitoring)

More information about the business aspects of Asset Performance Management can be found here.


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