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Asset Information Management

Asset Information Management

From the planning of the asset investment through the production phase and finally through decommissioning – a lot of information and documents are connected to, or even stored, in the EAM system database. Some data and information is connected to the asset structure and some is connected to the work orders in the WO (Work Order) history, or both. Also the spare parts and the items connected to the asset through the history of the asset is a vast amount of information. Drawings, certificates, safe work documentation, pictures, inspection and calibration reports and so on – everything needs to be accessible and stored in a database as meta data or uploaded as files.

Management of all asset related documents and information is a central part of an EAM solution.

Document management

Prevas offer the Infor EAM system that can manage documents connected to any entity in the system. URLs can point out the source of the document if available on the net. Document links to external document management systems or to the Internal Infor EAM document system. The built in Cognos reporting module is used to design and create documents.

Document management system Doc+

Infor EAM comes with a complete document management system. The system has full support for version handling and document work flow from the creation of a new document – lock out of previous version – sending the new version for approval and when approved, the new version replaces the old one and the new one is published in the whole system for those with authority. All documents in the Doc+ system are indexed and the total content of all documents are available in a Google like search engine. This function performs system search in all comments and all documents in the entire database. The hits are presented as icon links directly to the document or to the work order that contained the most hits according to the search engine algorithm.

CAD- Integration

Prevas offer an EAM system with full CAD two way integration. Pointing out an asset on any level in the asset three – takes you to BPM three with the corresponding assembly drawing. Well in the correct assembly drawing the item name is found and marked in the CAD view window. In the same way an item in the CAD drawing can be marked – and the asset is marked in the asset structure.

The solution is web based and gives a CAD view to the user. It is also possible to create an error report or a work order directly in the CAD window. Other features are color coding based on asset status or condition. This feature can be used to point out locked out areas or assets with delayed preventive maintenance work on a production line plane view or on a factory floor drawing.

Document management integrated with EAM functionality

In many industries there is a need to manage and renew certificates. The certificate is typically a document that needs to be signed manually or using the systems electronic signature. By setting up renewals of certificates as work orders the system will alert the responsible manager that a certificate will expire within a number of weeks. The work order flow produces a new document and finally a new version is approved and up loaded. The web based solutions from Prevas enable collaboration between the parts involved in this process.


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