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A UX designer, an electrical engineer, and a vegetable farmer.

We pride ourselves with our deep knowledge and skills in current and upcoming technologies. But just as important is to make sure that whoever is working with you knows your business and what drives it.

This usually comes from countless hours of experience, handling numerous challenges, and being passionate about helping you do things even better.

Our widely diverse team (800 and growing) consists of talented people from all kinds of backgrounds – expected and sometimes unexpected. We’ve helped clients maximize the potential of their businesses with over 7,500 product launches and at least as many production solutions. That’s why we can confidently say we’ve learnt a lot from you, and one another. And with our technical, and sometimes not-so-technical skills, we can help you in the best way you need.

Some of our competences, from A to Z

Electronics Design and Hardware Design

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

Industrial Cloud Solutions

Industrial Security

Lean Design

Mechanical Development

Production Development

Project Management, IT and Production

Project Management, smart products

Project Management Office

Quality & Regulatory Compliance Life Science

Regulatory Requirements

Software Design

Solution Delivery, smart products

Support and Application Operations

Support and Maintenance

System Design

System Development for smart industries