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EAM Adaptable Workflow

Adaptable Workflow

Customer specific workflow.

The system is configured to fit the customer’s processes and workflow. As a result you’ll get a powerful solution that is custom tailored to your needs. 

All irrelevant fields and functions are removed. Planned or completed tasks follow your workflow and automatically moves between the users' various inboxes ensuring that nothing is lost or forgotten.The inboxes are dynamic and can be configured to present different tasks within the workflow or to notify the user of tasks due or overdue.

Which warranties will expire in three months? Plan an inspection of assets while the warranties are still valid. Which high priority work orders have not been started on time? Find the reasons for delays.The starting page should contain relevant inboxes for the specific user eliminating the need to search for information to get an overview. The workflow is easily monitored/controlled and deadlines within the process can be measured and improved. Often we find that a sub-optimal workflow cause more delays than the actual work.

Infor EAM offers workflow tailored to your requirements!


David Baeckström

Center of Excellence Manager EAM


+46 10 455 25 03


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