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More Efficiency? Customer Magazine Tech Trends, out now



IN TODAY'S COMPETITIVE society, efficiency measurements constitute one of the best tools for discovering untapped potential in factories. Measurements that provide business leaders with valuable insight and good input for makingthe right organizational decisions.

In this magazine you can read about Orkla Foods and their investment in a modern OEE system for production follow-up that will give them overviews at more than 100 production plants.

Tech Trends no 3 2015

Sandvik Mining is also taking more control of their processes for cemented carbide in Västberga. In close collaboration with the client, Prevas has designed, installed and commissioned a new automated flow, complete with machines, robots and control systems. On the whole, it provides major efficiency gains at the same time as it improves the working environment for the operators, with a significant decrease in heavy lifting.

Demand for cottage cheese is behind a project conducted by Prevas for Arla. The production capacity at Arla's facility in Skövde was not keeping pace with consumers’ increasing demand for cottage cheese. Follow Arla’s rapid journey of change during which they moved to a new facility in Falkenberg, commissioned production systems and technical equipment, integrated new technology and started up production with new employees.

During the year we welcomed our own “Prevas evangelist” Andreas Rosengren, who is spreading the message about Industry 4.0, currently the hottest topic in the manufacturing industries. The term Industry 4.0 was coined by German politicians for marketing digital communications to the manufacturing industries, and Andreas is one of Sweden's most prominent experts in what is still a vision. Sweden has good prerequisites for Industry 4.0 and Andreas believes that our knowledge of automation, IT and telecom is at least on par with Germany’s.

Read all about it in Prevas Tech Trends no 3, 2015.

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