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EMS-tjänster Prevas

EMS Management

Prevas offers electronics manufacturing services from idea to market.

With our deep understanding and experience of electronics projects, we can provide manufacturing services through our network of EMS providers.

  • Full Service Partner (Prototypes, 0-series or full scale production)
  • Independent (Manufacturing, pick and place etc. is done at subcontractors)
  • One stop shopping (We take care from idea to the final product)
  • Integrated Logistics (From manufacturing direct to your customer in your box)
  • Quality Assurance (Quality assurance according to agreed quality instructions)
  • After Sales Services (Handling of RMA requests and guarantee issues)
  • Contact to subcontractors (Small quantities in Denmark, larger quantities in Far East )
  • Control and maintenance of BOM,  Bill of Material (Replacement of obsolete or hard to find components)
  • Hard to find components (Contact to all major manufactures, distributors and dealers)
  • Replacement of obsolete components (Redesign of existing products due to obsolete components)
  • Product life time support (1-3-5-10 years?)

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With leading expertise in embedded systems and industrial IT, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions that create growth.


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