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FOCS, Furnace Optimization Control System

Today 90% of all steel produced in Scandinavia is heated in a furnace controlled by FOCS.

The FOCS product family includes automatic control systems that leads the way on the furnace control market.

Today 90% of all steel produced in Scandinavia is heated in a furnace controlled by FOCS. Typical energy savings is in the range 5-20%. On top of reduced energy consumption the system increases production capacity by intelligent pacing control of the furnace and surrounding processes. Productivity increases with up to 28% have been realized.

How do we do it?
By calculating the material temperatures inside the furnace in real time for each slab/billet/bloom. Since we know the material temperature both on the surface and in-depth the FOCS control heating and pacing of the furnace to reach very exact discharge temperatures with minimal energy consumption. Each slab, billet or bloom is given its own target heating profile depending on dimension, material type and quality aspects. Depending on the production situation in surrounding processes FOCS adopts pacing and heating to deliver material with the correct temperature at the correct time for further processing.

FOCS control both batch and continuous reheating furnaces as well as annealing furnaces. It is a level 2 system, often no changes are required in basic furnace control & safety systems and furnace hardware before installing a FOCS.

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