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Processor Modules Prevas

Instrument Backbone

Reducing development time and technical risks for embedded systems.

By tailoring a solution based on 3rd party products, you can give your company a head start in the right direction. This reference design combines an FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 6) with an Intel Atom based processor module. The nodes communicate via PCIe (2 Gbps) and the operating system is Windows CE 6, with support for USB device-based communications to an external PC. The architecture constitutes the backbone of a generic instrument.

The combination of an x86 based control and supervision node with an FPGA possesses strong architectural benefits:

  • The productivity, when it comes to software development with Visual Studio, and the absolute superior features of integration to external enterprise class systems, are key values of the x86 processor and Windows.
  • The extreme flexibility and adaptability of an FPGA. It is used to create the interfaces towards sensors, actuators, communication buses but also more complex functions, such as servo- and stepper motor control, advanced signal processing, and hard real time functionality.


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