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Longevity Linux

Longevity Linux

OE-lite Linux – reducing application development and maintenance cost.

For embedded industrial use, there is a constant demand for stability and reproducibility in software development, often with an urge for stability at the same time. In order to provide this for industrial Linux based products, Prevas is one of the main contributors and sponsors of the OE-lite Linux community project.

OE-lite Linux is an integration tool for Industrial grade Linux Board Support Packages (BSP’s), born from a demand for stability and longevity maintenance of customized Linux. Since its early beginnings in 2008/2009, OE-lite Linux has been used for Linux BSP integration and maintenance for many different solutions, from train information systems to medical devices, and has shown high-value for many customers.

The main idea is to keep a stable customized Linux for +10 years for customer specific hardware (HW), regardless that the HW may change over the product lifetime (e.g. different HW versions or CPUs). With OE-lite Linux, Prevas’ customers keep the same Linux API, kernel version etc. in a given BSP version, even when running on different types of HW. This solution efficiently lowers the application development and maintenance cost. Suddenly the customized Linux API becomes the actual platform for application development and not the raw HW, allowing the application developers to focus on value adding application features instead of working on low level HW support.

OE-lite Linux BSP’s are made by Prevas ranging from small uCLinux MMU-less CPU to multi-core x86 or ARM based boards with small or large memory available and with or without display and touch.


Mads Dore Hansen

Mads Doré Hansen

Product Manager


+45 40 19 65 66

Søren W. Mathiasen

Søren W. Mathiasen

Vice President Sales & Marketing


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