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Manufacturing Business Processes

Manufacturing Business Processes

Due to its product-centric perspective, MES is tied not only to machine level information and processes but also to corporate master data, business processes and organizational factors. To fully understand this, consider how answers to the following questions could affect manufacturing processes over a range of 3-5 years:

  • What if you introduce new products or changes to existing products?
  • What if you gain new customers or new sales channels?
  • What if your products are subject to new or changing regulatory requirements?
  • What if the corporate strategy changes?
  • What if you go through a reorganization?
  • What if there are changes to your work force?

Prevas proposes that for most companies the answers to these questions imply that a great deal of flexibility is required in manufacturing operations and that manufacturing business process management can be the foundation for fulfilling this requirement.

Continuous improvement is one of the MES pillars that Prevas has extensive experience with and it continues to be an important aspect of MES, as well as an important expertise that Prevas cultivates. In conjunction with continuous improvement programs it is becoming increasingly recognized that, as manufacturers achieve greater equipment utilization, the manufacturing business processes must also be subject to optimization in order to achieve greater effectiveness.

Prevas subscribes to a model-driven MES philosophy where business process management can play a core role in MES solutions. With this approach MES is constructed not only to support change but to be an agent of change and drive change by implementing SOPs and best practices in a consistent, measurable and flexible manner.

Manufacturing Business Processes addresses areas like:

  • Cross functional operational processes
  • Communication lead times
  • Lack of contingency planning in processes
  • Lack of data for improvement of operational processes

Key Values

  • Digitize and standardize SOPs, GMPs and instructions across all domains
  • Integrate and coordinate human activities with system activities
  • Support collaboration across roles and organizational boundaries
  • Measure and improve effectiveness of processes
  • Enforce compliance with customer requirements and regulatory statutes
  • Manifest and enforce changes to operational procedures in order to avoid sliding back after improvement


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