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Metals & Minerals

Metal producers today are facing multiple challenges to their competitive positions and profitability. Every aspect of the business needs to be ready to handle fluctuating demand and raw material price volatility.

With these market conditions likely to persist, steelmakers need to find solutions to handle this volatility in their business models, manufacturing operations and manufacturing systems. Handling this is already a key factor to enhance competitiveness on a global market. Examples of key values for metals & minerals industry are:

  • Increasing operational efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental footprint
  • Improving product mix with value grades that carry higher margins

Prevas offering covers solutions that are well suited to meet the challenging demands in the Metals and Minerals industry. The offering includes proven solutions and services related to manufacturing operations management, production planning, project management, automation, environmental monitoring systems and enterprise reporting tools.

Also, in order for our customers to optimize reheating and heat treatment furnace operations Prevas supply a unique product range of supervisory control systems, FOCS – Furnace Optimization Control System. Today 90% of all steel produced in Scandinavia is heated in a furnace controlled by FOCS.

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  • Outokumpu

    Needs-based control system at Outokumpu in Degerfors

  • Uddeholm

    Automation for sustainability and quality

  • Uddeholm 

    Digitalizes Emergency Management Binders

  • Outokumpu 

    Camera system for digitalized process control

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