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Embedded computer solutions Prevas

OE-lite Linux

Stable and effective embedded Linux.

Based on the large amount of software available via the Free Open Source Software community (FOSS), Prevas has developed a Linux Platform Integration tool which enables developers to ease Linux software development on their target hardware and, thereby, speed up time to market.

OE-lite Linux is highly focused on easing the integration of new Linux platforms and, thereby, overcoming the usual problems of time consumption and the uncertainty typically added to a new project such as trying to integrate an often unfit Linux distribution to a new hardware target.

Likewise OE-lite Linux has introduced good facilities for running long-term maintenance on a customized embedded Linux platform, to ensure a constant flow of security updates and enhancement of the used software module and drivers, throughout the platforms life time.

Embedded computer solutions Prevas

Main Advantages

  • A development-ready platform that enables customers to deploy devices quickly and efficiently and allows developers to reduce cost and time-to-market.
  • A fully tested and validated Linux platform, allowing the customer to focus resources on value-adding product development.
  • A customized Software Developer Kit (SDK) for application development on Linux and Windows based platforms.
  • All software provided to the customer in source code.
  • Customer optimized bootloader.
  • Customer specific minimal Linux file system.
  • Optimized Linux kernel.
  • Environmentally Energy Efficient with power management

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