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Prevas taking next step in becoming even more customer-oriented



Prevas is a technical IT company that has been helping companies in many different industries since 1985 to develop innovative products and solutions that increase their competitiveness and productivity. Here in the Nordic countries we've historically had very strong export industries.

The challenge is in retaining and strengthening this position in a progressively globalized world where rapid changes in our business environments entail constantly tougher competition and increasing demands on adaptation and thinking along new lines.

So that we can continue to be a strong and natural business partner for our customers, we are now further coordinating our assortment of services and products. 

The reason for this is to ensure that our customers are able to take advantage of Prevas' entire assortment and we've now assembled a central strategic sales team. This permits us to offer larger comprehensive undertakings to our customers, to work more proactively in helping them to see what new technological capabilities can provide in the way of competitive advantages and to more quickly adapt our services and products to their needs. 

“At the same time we're changing the name of Management Consulting to Business Consulting and integrating its operations into our other business areas,” says Prevas CEO K-G Ramström.  “This will be a more natural arrangement and provide a more optimal solution that better reflects customer needs. Our strength is in offering business-related consulting based on our deep understanding of our customers' technologies and business operations.”

Michael Friis, presently responsible for the Management Consulting business area, will become Head of Group Sales & Marketing at Prevas while retaining responsibility for Prevas' services in Business Consulting. The change will be fully implemented during the fourth quarter of 2014.

“To maintain competitiveness in quickly evolving markets, intelligence and communication capabilities must increasingly be built into products and processes,” says K-G Ramström. “New technical trends such as connected devices, Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud services are being frequently discussed by our customers and create opportunities for companies to develop new innovative products, solutions and business models. Prevas' unique breadth and deep expertise within these areas make us a complete and strategic partner for our customers and we already have a number of collaborative arrangements.”

Prevas' operations will now be divided into two business areas – Product Development and Industrial Systems. At Product Development we're specialists in software, electronics and mechatronics for embedded systems, and we help companies to develop market-leading products. The Industrial Systems business area helps companies to increase their efficiency in production. The focus is on intelligent IT solutions within superordinate production control and production planning, decision-making support for production follow-up, maintenance systems as well as production logistics and automation. Solutions that have major impact on industrial productivity and consequently competitiveness.

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Karl-Gustav Ramström, President and CEO Prevas AB
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