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Prevas' new organization – focus on customers and offering



To take better advantage of market opportunities, Prevas is coordinating its strengths and experiences in a modified organization. This will put a clearer focus on our customers and our solutions and services, and create a more effective organization based on larger regions. Implementation of the new organization will be begin on October 1, 2015 and it is expected to attain full effect by the end of the year.

“The new organization gives us greater opportunities to unify our capabilities and establish strong leadership that works for the whole, and at the same time, we can optimize our operations for increased profitability and growth,” says Prevas CEO K-G Ramström. “Ensuring that we have the expertise our customers need will be simpler and our personnel will have more opportunities to work together on several different assignments.”

Our two business areas, Product Development and Industrial Systems, will be replaced by a organization with a clear focus on our customers and our products and services. The new organization will be divided into two sectors – Solutions and Consulting Services. This will improve our capabilities for reaching out with our products and services at the same time as the conditions for coordinating sales and deliveries will be strengthened through close collaboration between the now larger regions.

The rapid digitalization of all areas – along with continuous efforts to increase productivity and the rate of innovation, as well as to make production development more cost effective – is constantly creating new business opportunities in all markets, regardless of market conditions. With a unified Prevas, we ensure global strategic leadership combined with excellent local execution based on effective regional organizations.

“I'm convinced that with the new organization we will gain the conditions we need to successfully lead the company in a world that is constantly changing,” K-G Ramström adds. “With our combined strengths, with collaboration both within the company and together with our customers, we have a fantastic opportunity to influence the development of our business environment.”

In conjunction with the reorganization, Jonas Mann, business areas manager for Product Development, has elected to leave Prevas.

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