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Norwegian Glitrevannverket IKS chooses Prevas for delivery of new maintenance system



Prevas has gained yet another customer in the water and sewage sector. The assignment calls for delivering a sustainable, web-based maintenance system.

Glitrevannverket IKS is a company owned by the Norwegian municipalities of Lier, Røyken, Drammen and Nedre Eiker. Glitrevannverket owns and operates four water treatment plants that supply water to approximately 145,000 residents of the four owner municipalities, as well as to the municipalities of Sande and Frogn. The lakes Glitre, Røysjø and Holsfjorden are Glitrevannverket's water catchments.

Glitrevannverket's primary purpose is to supply the owner municipalities with good and safe water in sufficient amounts through environmentally focused and systematic management of water catchments and water supply systems.

As a part of these efforts, Glitrevannverket has engaged Prevas to implement the Infor EAM maintenance system for maintaining and administering facilities and equipment.

Implementation is beginning in September and the system will be integrated both with their existing operational control system and with the geographical information system for optimal functionality. The users will be able to utilize the system both from smartphones and tablets for the greatest possible flexibility.

“We administer an infrastructure that would be extremely expensive to replace,” says Arlid Eek, operations manager at Glitrevannverket. “The plants and components are gradually aging and we want to systematize and prioritize our operational and maintenance work. We need a modern and functional maintenance system as support for this initiative. During the tendering process, Prevas convinced us that they both understand our needs and that Infor EAM has the right functionality to satisfy these needs. Moreover, they have many excellent references in water and sewage, and we're looking forward to benefiting from these in mutual experience exchange."

Infor EAM from Infor is a further development of the Datastream 7i system and is one of the world's most-used service and maintenance systems. The system has approximately 15,000 customers in the public and private sectors worldwide and is delivered in the Nordic market by Prevas.

“With Infor EAM we've achieved a strong position in the Norwegian water and sewage sector,” says Einar Alexander Andersen, sales manager at Prevas AS. “We've worked with companies at the leading edge in the field and we offer functionality that is well suited for satisfying the needs encountered in operations. We like to both promote and be involved in increased experience exchange between our customers, and this is also the theme of our next user meeting in Oslo, October 26 to 27. Many of our customers will be participating, so it feels especially nice to be able to receive input from Glitrevannverket.”


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