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Prevas enters agreement with Isola AS



Isola AS has chosen the Infor EAM maintenance system for its Norwegian plants, and has engaged Prevas to deliver this modern and sustainable maintenance system.

Isola manufactures functional and modern, high quality solutions for roofs, walls, floors and foundations. Isola's main office is in Eidanger, Norway, along with two production plants. The group also has plants in Notodden, Røros and the Czech Republic.

Infor EAM was chosen to ensure optimal and cost-effective maintenance for their plants. As a first step, the maintenance system is being implemented in the plants in Eidanger, and the system will soon go live. Notodden and Røros are next in line, with implementation during the autumn.

“The previous maintenance systems we had were used to varying degrees in some of our plants,” says Arild Berdalen, technical manager for the plants in Eidanger. “We've lacked a common system and a common way of working within the group. With Infor EAM we now have a common maintenance system that is designed for joint coordination, and that is also is easy to adapt to local conditions and needs. At the same time, Prevas has shown that they truly want to be involved in ensuring successful implementation and that the system isn't just a system to document what we do, but rather one that can actually be used to increase efficiency and make improvements. Further on we'll also include the Czech plant in the system and integrate the solution with our operational control for even better utilization."

Infor EAM was developed by Infor Global Solutions and is included in a portfolio of world-leading solutions for the industrial market. The system is one of the world's most-used service and maintenance systems with approximately 15,000 customers in the public and private sectors worldwide. It is delivered in the Nordic market by Prevas, which is also an Infor EAM Gold Partner.

“Isola is a good example of a customer that has understood the tremendous effect that can be attained by implementing a modern maintenance system,” says Einar Alexander Andersen, sales manager at Prevas. “They realize that it's also about motivating and engaging the organization internally so that the maintenance system just doesn't become another system among many, but that it's actually a tool for achieving results and improvements. We're happy to have the opportunity to take part in such an exciting process during the coming years.”


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