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Industrial Linux must maintain high quality



The demands on quality and testing of Linux systems for industrial use are increasing, and focus and knowledge are necessary for satisfying these demands.

Embedding the popular Linux operating system in industrial products has become increasingly common and many companies are developing their applications in Linux for use in a multitude of different products.

Due to the escalating speed of development in increasingly complex operating systems, demands on quality are rising, and consequently demands on testing capabilities as well. 

“Prevas has specialized in tailored Linux systems for industrial use since 2007 and we thus have good insight into the demands placed by industry regarding stability and testing of Linux systems,” says Mads Doré Hansen, production manager at Prevas. “Based on this experience, Prevas can develop tailored and thoroughly tested Linux systems with guaranteed high and well-documented quality.”

Prevas Industrial Linux is a basic package that measures up to the demands set in principle by all industrial Linux stakeholders. An effective root file system with everything needed for efficient application development, the capability for secure remote updates for operating systems and applications, as well as development layers for both Linux and Windows. The solution also encompasses the core and bootloader for the specific hardware with which Industrial Linux will be used. The basic package is delivered with an extensive test report that provides an overview of all performed tests. The report thus serves as quality assurance for product development.

With minor changes and additions to the hardware-specific core drivers for Prevas Industrial Linux, an entire tailored industrial Linux system is created.

“The result is a stable and carefully tested Linux system that contributes to ensuring products of high industrial quality,” says Mads Doré Hansen.

Prevas Industrial Linux is delivered with either OE-lite Linux ( or Yocto Project ( as the integration tool. In this way costs are minimized for maintenance and further long-term development.

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Søren W. Mathiasen, Sales and Marketing Manager, Prevas A/S
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Mads Doré Hansen, Production Manager, Prevas A/S
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