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Prevas nominated as newcomer of the year in employer branding



Each year Universum honors a number of companies and individuals that have inspired, engaged and contributed in the areas of talent recruiting and employee development. Prevas has been nominated in Sweden as the newcomer of the year in employer branding.  

Development and the company’s core values are essential for Prevas in working with employer branding. For us it is just as important to create a workplace where our employees enjoy their jobs and can develop their skills as it is to attract new staff. Being nominated as the newcomer of the year in this area is an acknowledgment that our efforts are leading us in the right direction.

“It’s really nice that our work is producing results and even beginning to be noticed outside the company,” says Ulrika Sandström, manager of Prevas’ department for employer branding and recruiting. “We've taken a structured approach the past few years in working with employer branding, with a project team that has engaged several functions at the company.”  

We have a very good reputation among our customers thanks to the strong expertise of our staff. This has brought us new challenging projects, which in turn has also attracted more skilled employees. Sharing our knowledge and experience, both with each other and with our customers, is a matter of course for us.

“We have a high tech workplace and it’s our staff that carries us forward,” says Ulrika Sandström. “This is why we have a company culture based on a sense of fellowship and openness. We share our knowledge and support one another. This is the foundation of our strong team spirit, and something we are very proud of.”

It is important that everyone at Prevas understands and lives by our core values. In establishing consensus about the key words that represent our core values we use among other things, a game that we play at kick-offs or at introductions for new employees. The purpose of the game is to take up the questions that can relate to our core values, and in this way, create insight about what they entail.

Universum is world-leading in employer branding, and each year, designates prize winners in the field in several different categories. The prize for the newcomer of the year in employee branding is awarded to the organization that rather recently, has taken on the employer branding challenge and developed a clear strategy for addressing the issues, which has in turn has made them a player to be reckoned with.


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