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Quintus orders maintenance solution from Prevas



In close collaboration with its customers, Prevas works to streamline and improve maintenance.Prevas has received a new order from Quintus Technologies for the Infor EAM maintenance system. Delivery will be in late 2016.

Quintus Technologies, with its main office in Västerås (Sweden), is world leading in high-pressure forming and has specialized in development, manufacture, installation and support of high pressure equipment for sheet metal forming, densification of advanced metallic materials and the manufacture of system-critical components. To establish improved conditions for profitable and sustainable development, Quintus is investing in a modern and effective, web-based maintenance tool for its aftermarket operations. In close collaboration with Quintus, Prevas will be delivering a maintenance solution that strengthens proactive maintenance, reduces downtime in production, provides better data for planning and spare parts management, as well as improved quality control relating to certification and other governing regulations in production. 

“When we participated in Prevas Productivity Day and listened to a presentation from one of Prevas’ customers about preventive maintenance, we realized that Prevas has a very attractive solution,” says Hans Nilsson, heads Life Cycle Management at Quintus Technologies. “We have delivered our high-pressure presses to customers all over the world and to many different industries. It's a challenge to ensure that we and our customers achieve maximum yield from the plants. Prevas will be an important piece of the puzzle in accomplishing this.”

Quintus has been a Prevas customer in industrial IT and automation solutions for many years. This assignment was preceded by a number of meetings, workshops and verification steps. 

“We see considerable potential for increased growth and profitability for our customers through streamlining and improving maintenance,” says Magnus Windhede, responsible for the EAM Center of Excellence at Prevas. “Besides increasing operational awareness, an effective maintenance solution also increases capabilities for providing service, support and spare parts management, which in turn can lead to the creation of new business models.” 

Infor EAM has been developed by Infor Global Solutions and is part of a portfolio of world-leading solutions for the industrial market. The system is one of the world's most-used service and maintenance systems, in the public and private sectors worldwide. Prevas is the EAM distributor in the Nordic countries.


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