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The BarAPIx

The BarAPIx is an DLL or an API that allows other applications to communicate with Bartrack. Bartrack has a transaction interface called SFT (Shop Floor Transaction) that is used to send requests and information to Bartrack, and to receive information from Bartrack.

The SFT interface of Bartrack is designed to make use of Microsoft MQ (MS MQ) for its communication. Some applications cannot use MS MQ, or it is not desirable for other reasons. To enable them to communicate with Bartrack, the BarAPIx sits in the middle and connects the application with the SFT interface.


The BarAPIx is a simple way to access Bartrack. The following functions can be used:

  • It is possible to request that Bartrack create a serial number for a product. The created serial number is returned to the caller.
  • It is possible to request Bartrack to ship, assemble or disassemble a specified individual. A status message is then returned to the caller.
  • It is also possible to ask Bartrack to print labels.
  • A request can be made so Bartrack will send information for a specified individual and the number of children.
  • It is also possible to request that Bartrack send structure information for a specified individual.
  • It is possible to request that Bartrack fetch information about orders and order structures, product structures and test production comments.
  • One application can use the BarAPIx on each PC.


  • QuickCool 

    Portable cooling system for saving lives

  • GKN Driveline 

    Collaborative robot in serial production

  • Hövding

    Bike helmet of the future

  • Pilloxa AB

    Smart support for life-long medication