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Bartrack in-depth

The Bartrack System has been designed specially to meet the needs of any electronic assembly manufacturer. Its prime purpose is to provide serial number traceability for electronic products and assemblies at factory level.The concept of serial number traceability is that each product can be defined as an individual-unique serial number. This then sets it apart from its product number, of which many may be manufactured.The purpose of having a unique identifier for each individual unit is to allow the tracing of the origins if that unit should fail, or to identify units purchased or manufactured within a time span.

Control of the Whole Structure
The Bartrack system allows the definition of a serial number for each unit manufactured or purchased. The system also prints barcoded labels which may be attached to the unit for identification. Bartrack also holds certain information about the unit, for example the product number, the R-state, the manufacture date and ship date. For units which themselves consists of traced components, Bartrack will hold the full structure.Bartrack also provides different ways of extracting that data. You can display information for an individual serial number, check the structure or extract the serial number information for analysis by another system.

Additional Numbers
In addition to the serial number used by Bartrack for identification of each unit, it is possible to have several other numbers. These numbers can be IPEI, IMEI, MAC-address, or any other kind of number. 

Interfaces and Communication
The BarAPIx (Bartrack API) is a DLL or an API that allows PC-applications to communicate with Bartrack. All normal production tasks can be performed remotely.The SFT (Shop Floor Transaction) interface allows external systems to communicate with Bartrack. All normal production tasks can be performed remotely. TheTracyinterface allows Bartrack to communicate with Ericssons traceability system Tracy. Read more. 

Simple Data Input
Access to the system is flexible. The full range of transactions are available at a normal PC. In addition, selected transactions are available at the terminals on the shop floor. The use of barcodes makes the input of data simple and straightforward.Details related to all shipped items can then be transferred to a central tracing system. However, a full history of data is held by Bartrack, if you wish to refer to the information at factory level for a required period of time.


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