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Our commitment

A typical installation would comprise of three phases:

  • Investigation
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up


The investigation is made in cooperation with the customer. The investigation report will clearly describe the customer's production environment.


In this phase of the Bartrack installation we first plan the implementation in cooperation with the customer, followed by the installation of Bartrack.

Of course, we offer on-site support before, during and after production start.

We also participate during delivery acceptance test after start-up to ensure correct configuration of Bartrack.Training of customer's staff is lead by one of our instructors.


Follow-up of the implementation.

Customers committment - Before software installation Actions according to the Target Environment Specification must be carried out before we can begin the installation of Bartrack. A connection of the server for access is preferable.An account with system priviledges should be opened at the Bartrack computer, as well as a TRACY account at the Tracy Help Desk for transfer of traceability information to TRACY, if used.

Operative commitment

It is essential that the customer's contact person is available to assist with information about the assignment. It would also be of great advantage if the persons that shall be the Bartrack System Administrators are present during the installation, operation start-up and training.

Organizational commitment

It would be of advantage if the following roles were appointed:

  • A Bartrack overall responsible who should have good knowledge of how Bartrack works, both for Operators and Administrators.
  • A System Administrator should be appointed to be responsible for first line support.

Support Agreement

When Bartrack is ordered the support level has to be decided and a support agreement has to be signed.


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