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Improve OEE, Prevas

Efficient and profitable manufacturing is something everyone strives for. But do you know how efficient your manufacturing really is? And why it is not even more efficient? Many think they have an idea. But the difference between having an idea and actually knowing is vast.

Prevas Improve is a web-based solution for production monitoring that will help you gain an overview of how your machine complex is used and where time losses occur.

Rankings, diagrams and reports allow you to analyze stoppage times, time breakdown, and key figures. By identifying bottlenecks in the flow and causes of frequent operational stoppages, you can methodically optimize your system to eliminate loss and increase manufacturing efficiency.

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  • Thin Film Electronics

    Boosting Up Production Volumes of EAS Capacitors

  • Göteborgs Spårvägar 

    Göteborgs Spårvägar digitalizing maintenance of light rail fleet

  • Uddeholm 

    Digitalizes Emergency Management Binders

  • Robotize 

    Logistics for Smart Factories

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