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Process Information Management Systems

Process Information Management Systems, PIMS

PIMS are software solutions that collect real-time data into historian database from manufacturing processes. By producing comprehensive reports based on collected data, decision makers will in real-time obtain clear information about the processes performance.

Prevas PIMS solutions empower companies to visualize and analyze their processes performance using a variety of powerful data analysis, reporting and monitoring tools. Analysis tools comprise the full range from traditional trend viewers to powerful mathematical analytics, e.g. fourier transforms.

Prevas has delivered some 600 PIMS solutions worldwide, to customers within energy production and process industries. We possess a portfolio of PIMS-products, both internally developed and supplied by our technology partners.

While Prevas EMI solutions enable customers to collect and visualize data on a higher level, our PIMS solutions focus more on the real-time data. By combining Prevas PIMS and EMI our customers get full data collection and reporting, covering the whole spectra from real-time process data to production and business KPIs.

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