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Processor Modules Prevas

Processor Modules

Processor Modules that can improve your projects (and your business).

Typically, what makes an IT product unique is its peripheral functions, software application and not the processor platform, operating system, and standard interfaces; even though these elements may soak up to 80% of the total project's development time and cost.

Prevas' processor modules represent a unique way to develop advanced products around a straight-forward, customized, main-board. Some of the many benefits:

  • Your R&D department will not need to spend years on re-inventing trivial, but highly complex, hardware and software.
  • Development times for prototypes and the final product are greatly reduced.
  • Risks and total costs become more predictable.
  • You will not have to continuously manage component changes and software updates. Prevas´ modules are made with future compatibility in mind.
  • You can buy the processor modules off-the-shelf or the production rights, if you wish to be independent of Prevas.
  • You have access to hundreds of Prevas engineers for support in your product development project.


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