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Production Improvements

Improving industrial production methods and making them more efficient is at the core of our operations.

As global industrial competition increases – at the same time as customers are demanding faster deliveries, higher product quality and multiple product variants – the need for continuous streamlining of processes is also increasing. Ownership demands for higher returns on investments put the focus on tied-up capital and getting more out of existing production facilities. This necessitates continuous work with utilizing capital more efficiently and streamlining processes.

Prevas has been making customers' production plants more efficient for many years. With experience from several different industry segments, Prevas can assure competitive solutions.

Prevas typically enters the picture when a company sees that it isn't attaining its full potential when it comes to productivity, quality or volume, for example.

Support for production management

Among other things, we analyze work methods, internal workflows (not the least between units), bottlenecks as well as attainment of appropriate key figures. When new production facilities are being planned, Prevas is there to help ensure that the investments will pay off.

Our assignments are usually in the form of operational studies and analyses, project management or general operational support. Well-proven standard methods, further refined by Prevas, have been utilized in innumerable assignments over the years in making customers' operations more efficient.


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