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Project Management

Project Management

Prevas has an extensive set of knowledge, services and methods to support and carry out projects of many different kinds. In asset management projects it can be new installations, rebuilds or modifications or overhauls during longer planned stops in the process industry. A practical way to build such project is to tag the work orders with a priority “next stop” for further project planning and execution.

The Infor EAM suite can manage projects with multi-level structures built up of work orders that can carry POs and documentation as any other work order. Logic conditions typically based on the WO (Work Order) status can be set to the different project levels that control the release of project phases.

POs (Purchase Orders) are connected and a goods receipt of a needed material can trigger the release of another work order in the project.

Costs are accumulated up in the project structure and budgets and managed. The solution comes with a full two way integration to Microsoft project that enables drag and drop planning of work orders and also the possibility to connect work orders depending on each other. During a planning session the project work orders are looked in the EAM system.


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