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Quality & Compliance - Quality assurance

Methods for product development and production are rapidly evolving and requirements are increasingly tougher. Prevas’ services in Quality & Compliance will help you ensure fulfillment of the market’s regulatory requirements and standards. We will give you the guidance you need for achieving the right quality.

With new regulations and legislation, control and traceability are becoming more important in product development and production. This aspect, in combination with the security aspects for connected equipment, is making work with quality increasingly complex. Prevas’ skilled engineers have an in-depth understanding of product development, production and how these relate to one another. At the same time, Prevas’ specialists also have expert knowledge in regulatory requirements and standards, including GMP, GAMP 5, IVDD/IVDR, MDD/MDR, ISO 27000 series, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971. This gives us excellent prerequisites for providing interdisciplinary services and projects in Quality and Compliance.

Prevas is active in many industries and has extensive and solid experience from development in, for example, medical device, pharmaceuticals and food processing, manufacturing and raw material industries, all of which are strictly regulated.

Prevas’ office in Sundbyberg is ISO 13485 certified.

Validation, qualification and verification
Prevas has extensive experience of validation, qualification and verification of computerized systems (e.g. IT systems, production systems and lab systems). Prevas offers to define strategy and support you throughout the entire life cycle – with requirement specification, risk management, purchasing, development, testing and operational implementation, just to mention a few examples.

Quality Management
Prevas helps customers build, develop, strengthen and evaluate quality systems (gap analysis) in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and standards. We can also help your organization prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities and assist with internal audits or supplier audits.

With our experience of regulatory requirements and standards, we can provide services as Quality Assurance Manager in your organization or your project.

Risk Management
Risk management is always an essential part of our undertakings, and in addition to that, we offer services in risk management based on, for example, ISO 14971 within Life Science and ISO 27000 series standards.

Regulatory Affairs
We can assist you in regulatory affairs, such as product classification, product registration and authority reporting.

We give you our full attention from start to finish in helping you reach your goals. Get in touch and we will fill you in on the details.

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Helena Lundin

Sara Holmgren

Quality & Compliance Manager, Stockholm


+46 8 7264048

Maria Månsson

Maria Månsson

Director, innovation and research


+46 8 644 36 07

Søren W. Mathiasen

Søren W. Mathiasen

Vice President Sales & Marketing


+45 20 99 76 01


With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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