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White Papers - Selecting the right embedded MCU



Selecting the right MCU for a project is not easy. Functionality, price per unit, power consumption, footprint, development environment and costs, 3rd-party support and long-term availability are just a few considerations to be made.

A $300 industrial grade quad-core Intel i7-7xxx PC or a $0.30 PIC10F200? It all depends on the use-case. In any project where performance is more important than price, the selection is easy. But, when more than 1.000 units are needed, price do matter. And in most non-consumer products, longevity really matters. Some products might be in production in 10 or even more years, and spare MCU boards are needed even longer.

Swedish Embedded Award 2016

Let’s go through some options - excluding the embedded PC market.

Selecting the right embedded MCUPDF, by Fredrik Lundström.

About the author

Fredrik Lundström has 20 years of experience developing firmware and software for embedded MCUs ranging from PIC and 80C51 to ARM Cortex-M and embedded Linux.


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